General Info

Greece is a member of the European Union since 1981, the Euro Zone since 2001 and a member of the Schengen Zone. For the majority of High Net Worth individuals, the immigration and free travel to Europe is in the top of the priority list.

Every EU state has different conditions under which a residency is granted.

In 2013 Greece has introduced the Greek Golden Visa program, one of the most competitive residence by investment programs, that provides a direct route to Greek residency based on Real Estate property acquisition without the need of any period of residency. The investment options are to purchase real estate (e.g. villa, apartment or commercial property), or perform a strategic investment in the economy for the amount of only 250.000 EUR.

By gaining the Greek Golden Visa the investor automatically gains the right to live in Greece and travel freely to Europe and all Schengen countries.

Due to its simplicity and flexibility the Greek Golden Visa is now considered to be one the most attractive and direct in Europe program for third country nationals.

Location Located in the continent of Europe, Greece shares land borders with 4 countries: Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey
Climate Mediterranean climate
Currency Euro (EUR)
Capital Athens
Total Area 131,957km2 (130,647km2 of land and 1,310km2 of water)
Population 10,767,827 (2012)
Language Modern Greek

Why Greece?

  • Key geographical location between Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Member of the European Union and Euro zone €
  • Member of Schengen Zone
  • Residence permits with only €250.000 investment
  • Top Tourist Destination Worldwide
  • Beautiful country with History and Natural beauty
  • Best Climate: Limited rainfall and mild temperatures throughout the year
  • No pollution: Least polluted regions in Europe
  • Rental of property allowed
  • All kinds of Real Estate properties allowed including land and commercial properties
  • Low cost of living: Up to 50 % lower than many European cities