Why Have a Second Passport?

Why second passport

Citizenship programmes can provide Easy Solutions to some of today’s most difficult problems: Freedom, Mobility, Security, Privacy, Opportunities for business and personal growth, and Better Quality of Live.

In the Global Chaos of political and economic instability, wars and transparency requirements, the majority of High Net Worth individuals and businessmen worldwide started to look towards solid solutions, that will not only open the doors to a new ways of doing Successful Business, but will also Protect their Wealth and ensure High Quality of Live for them, their families and for the generations to come.

Doing business today on an international scale requires Mobility and Flexibility. In the globalization age with a common market rules more and more wealthy people around the Globe are combining corporate immigration with economic citizenship, by investing in Real Estate Properties, that allows them to facilitate their Mobility and Cross-border Visa Free Travel getting easy access to new markets and business opportunities.

The Dual Citizenship gives the High Net Worth individuals and their families the rights for Social Services, High Standards of Healthcare and grants their children Access to some of the Top Schools in the world.

Some countries restrict land ownership to citizens only, and as a Legal Citizen an investor can purchase a Luxurious Real Estate Property (e.g. villa, apartment, commercial property) in that country, that will significantly Increase the family Wealth and Standard of Living. It also provides opportunities for Professional Realization on a Global scale.

With many countries in social unrest, economic strife, political turmoil and governments that encroach on the business and personal affairs to increase their tax revenues, the ability to live in a Stable Country committed to the rule of law provides Safety, Anonymity and Personal Securities.

Citizenship by Investment programs encourages the investors by providing Simpler Regulations and Business-Friendly environments. A second passport in such cases can protect the owner from harmful discrimination. Countries with more flexible governments that allow their citizens to keep their Personal Privacy, Freedom and enjoy Lower Personal Income Taxation, are attracting more than ever the High Net Worth individuals.