Overview & Advantages


In 2016 the Civil Registry and Migration Department has amended the legislation of granting an Immigration Permit in Cyprus to third country nationals who invest in Cyprus by purchasing a property of 300.000 EUR + VAT. The new criteria known as Regulation 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations, has been simplified and accelerated. Provided that investment in Cyprus is made and curtain criteria are met, a 3rd country individual, his/her spouse, children and parents can obtain a Lifetime Permanent Residency permit in Cyprus within 2 months.


The main Cyprus Residency Permit Advantages are the following:

  • Simplified process with timeframe from 2-3 months
  • Visa Free Entry to Cyprus
  • No personal Tax due to Resident Non Domiciled status on income from overseas
  • All family members including children up to 25y and parents and In-laws can qualify for the Cyprus Residency Permit
  • Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world with political stability
  • Multicultural society. English and Russian languages are widely spoken
  • The Cyprus Permanent Residency holders are not required to actually move to Cyprus provided that they visit Cyprus at least once in 2 years
  • A Cyprus Permanent Residency holder is Entitled to apply for Citizenship after 7 years of actual resigning in Cyprus as a permanent resident
  • Strategic Location between Europe, Asia and Africa
  • High standard of Education (International High Schools and Universities)
  • Modern medical facilities

STEP by STEP to PR in 2 Months


  • Buy Property (300K + VAT)
  • Fixed Deposit 30k for 3 year in Cyprus
  • Income declaration (min. 30k/year)


  • Collection of documents & preparation of Application forms for Cyprus Residency Permit
  • Submission of Documents & Application Forms for Cyprus Residency Permit


PROCESSING TIME & EVALUATION for the Cyprus Permanent Residency Permit:

  • Cyprus Civil Registry
  • Migration Department
  • Ministry of Interior


  • Personal Appearance for Biometrical details for ID
  • Receipt of Permanent Residency Permit and ID cards